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Dr. Philipp Sabanas

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Invested in providing meaningful, relationship-centred care, Dr. Sabanas seeks to understand his patients' specific life circumstances in his development of effective and thorough treatment plans. Knowledgeable and approachable, his fields of expertise are in primary care medicine and family medicine, as well as in preventive and emergency medicine.

"An important part of my philosophy is to prioritise my patients, taking all the time they need and employing openness, patience and understanding in describing their condition and the best course of therapy to alleviate and remedy their ailments."
Why choose
Primary Care Doctor?
What is a Primary Care Physician? Your doctor makes the first point of contact with undiagnosed health concerns as well as undertakes the continuing care of various medical conditions.

Holistic health care means saving time and effort: With a primary care doctor, you only need to make one appointment to discuss any variety of health issues you might be experiencing, whether physical, mental or emotional.

Managing chronic diseases successfully: Scheduling regular visits and performing routine tests are two ways your doctor can help you to better monitor a chronic illness.

High level of comfort, e.g. via house visits: Choosing a primary care doctor you trust is the first step. The next step is scheduling regular appointments, such that you can discuss your concerns and overall health.

Doctor knows your health history, and identifies health issues early: Routine visits with your primary care provider not only maintain your comfort level, but also help establish your health history. Knowledge of your medical history as well as your family health history is imperative for the prevention of disease and also helps your doctor catch early symptoms of dangerous conditions in time.

Reduced frequency of hospital and ER visits – the most up-to-date research shows that patients who regularly visit their primary care physicians have fewer hospital and emergency visits than those who do not employ primary care.
Medical consult 150 €
What is a primary care physician? Doctor is the first contact with an undiagnosed health concern as well as continuing care of varied medical conditions.
includes a follow up visit or call
Vaccinations 50 €
House visit 200-250 €
depending on the area
Please call for an appointment!
Prescription refills 25 €
Medical check up 150 €
One Test cancer screen
Genetic test
Allergy test
Medical concierge services
200-250 €
Rudolfinerhaus Billrothstrasse 78
A-1190 Vienna
+43 660 6862276
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