Primary care: your first contact point

What you need to know. Why have a GP?
In the last years, popular understandings of the importance of the primary care physician (also known as the General Practitioner, or family doctor) have changed, at times in high demand and importance, at others thought of as obsolete. Nowadays, popular consciousness holds that a GP is crucial to providing an overview of the complex jungle of specialist, sub-specialist, and sub-, sub- specialists, treatments and therapies may be mutually contradictory. Another advantage is that the GP knows his or her patients intimately. Ms. Smith might complain about back pain, but the GP knows she has a herniated disc. By contrast, a specialist might start a rabbit hole of investigations that don't necessarily make sense without an adequate starting point.
Dr. Philipp Sabanas, Vienna

Another consideration is that a GP has a wide network of specialists they are familiar with. A GP knows which specialist works diligently or which specialist may pose complications with the issue at hand. Recommendations are therefore always made with the best intent, and best available information at hand. If your neighbor had a good experience with Doctor A, it doesn't mean Doctor A always preforms best across all disciplines. So let your GP make a recommendation.

There are no kickbacks or hidden benefits for doing so, so a GP therefore has no benefit in recommending a poorly preforming doctor. Your GP will help you with the most common aches, diseases and problems, so there is no need to see an otolaryngologist for tonsillitis. Lastly, your GP is your person of trust. As a doctor, I have the obligation to keep all information to myself. I regularly have patients open up about their family or work-related problems, which of course can and do have a direct effect on health. Your GP is more than your doctor.
I believe your GP is your doctor, your guide, and your supporter. Lastly, your GP is your person of trust.
Dr Sabanas
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